Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Holistic Therapists, Heart Centred Business owners and Spiritual and Angel Coaches


This is the space for you if you are…

  • Looking for a safe space to gather, to heal, share and learn within a community of Heart Centred Women and Spiritual Entrepreneurs, just like you?

  • Tired doing business feeling stressed, afraid, undercharging, overdelivering and trying to do it all alone? 

  • Ready to join a new kind of Heart Mastermind with a focus on personal and spiritual development as well as all things business? 

    Imagine a world where you can learn about angels and business in the same community.  Where can create a spiritual business that matters and makes a difference, while enhancing your intuition and deepening your connection to spirit and the divine.

    I believe the future of our planet depends upon it! 

    Conscious business owners (primarily women) will be the ones to create sustainable businesses that contribute to the mental, emotional and physical well-being of every being on this planet. 

    It's time to create a new earth and a new way of being in business, where we don't have to leave our spirituality at the door! 

THE ANGEL CIRCLE  MEMBERSHIP is evolving into the ANGELS & BIZ ALIGNMENT PROGRAMME an exciting and powerful new community of like-minded earth angels, lightworkers and spiritual business owners. 


Angelic Intuitive, Spiritual Business Mentor and Coach

I've worked with thousands of lightworkers and spiritual seekers to help them to align their business goals with their deeper purpose and mission.

I can help you clear through long held and deeply embedded belief and emotional blocks to clear…” , mindset blocks and clear generations of ancestral patterns around stepping into your full light and also receiving wealth and abundance through your healing work.  

I've realised that this life on earth is a journey in personal and spiritual development and deep healing transformation.

As spiritual entrepreneurs we need to support each other and know that when you do your healing work, it ripples out into the world and positively affects our families, kids, communities and ultimately has a positive global impact.

We CAN make a difference together and I've created the Angels & Biz ALIGNMENT Programme to support you to grow spirituality while growing your wealth and reach around the world without burn out or unnecessary stress and while staying in alignment to your truth, purpose and values.


In the Angels & Biz ALIGNMENT Programme we go on a spiritual journey together working with our angels and guides alongside practical business guidance and support. 

Each month we have a different spiritual development focus including: 

  • Going deep into Courage and confidence
  • Abundance and wealth creation
  • Clearing and maintaining your energy
  • Forgiveness work & Inner Child Healing
  • Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries in every area of your life
  • Healing grief and trauma
  • Reviewing your life and dreaming a beautiful new vision for yourself and deeply healing the past.

    We also have an extensive spiritual business library of resources, training and masterclasses to support you in building your community, getting online, creating and implementing a marketing and social media plan that suits you and your energy and healing message. 





In the Angels & Biz ALIGNEMNT Programme, you'll find the spiritual tools, an amazing supportive community, and everything you need to help you become an empowered woman, spiritual business owner and healing force for good in the world.

You’ll get access to a full library of Meditations, Coaching Calls covering everything single topic that will support you in life and biz. 

You'll also get access to LIVE calls and opportunities throughout each month to connect with an experienced, caring and living mentor. 

LIVE sessions include: Angel Card readings, LIVE Ask your Angels sessions, Hosted heart Masterminding opportunities with other members and monthly Spiritual Business Coaching and healing sessions. 

Also remember your AMAZING community who are there to support you, provide accountability if you need it and just a smile or a listening ear. 

Our members come to give and receive support every day. 

It’s a safe space no matter what's happening in the world. A space where you can come to that’s inspiring, encouraging, supportive and loving. 

Let’s face it these past two years have brought us online more than ever. Working from home, homeschooling our children or even meeting socially online have all sent our digital data usage through the roof!

We may as well be in a healing and supportive space while we’re online. What a gift for yourself in 2022!  

The world is not going back to ‘normal’ the changes and shifts we’ve seen are going to continue for the next few years. (Hopefully not as dramatically!)

The Angels & Biz ALIGNMENT  Community is a haven and your sacred healing space to drop into as often as you wish for love and support or sometimes just to be told to take a rest.

As women, the world is demanding a LOT from us right now and we often need to be reminded that we are a priority as well and that it’s ok to pause and take a break!

In the Angels & Biz ALIGNMENT Programme, each month we'll align with a different powerful focus including Archangel energies to support you in your life and spiritual business. 

As you go through this journey with us, you’ll begin to experience shifts and transformation in almost every area of your life. 

You’ll start to trust yourself and your own soul’s voice, your intuition will increase and your self esteem and confidence all improve.

You can choose what content resources you need in your life or biz right now and decide your own curriculum as it serves you through your unique life seasons.

Sometimes your soul may call you to focus on healing and forgiveness and others it may be the right time to build your online community or get clear on your unique message.

Everybody is different and needs different aspects of the work at different times in life. It’s all there for you to pick and choose and go at your own pace.

Angels & Biz ALIGNMENT Programme includes:

Access to Twelve Archangel Energies

Monthly modules including meditations, audios, videos, angel exercises and activities and a full library of archives on every topic imaginable from relationships to confidence to spiritual business etc..

Amazing Community of Lightworkers

Waiting to support you, provide accountability if you need it and just a smile or a listening ear. An incredible group of women walking with you on your Angels & Biz journey.

Angel Accountability

Which is built into the programme to support you to stay on track and encourage you every step of the way. This includes our angel buddy system and weekly and monthly emails and Facebook community nudges. We rise together!

Monthly Heart Master Mind

This is where you get to brainstorm a variety of issues and gain direct support from your community of earth angels, healers, therapist and coaches. This is peer support like nothing else out there!


LIVE Members-Only Calls with Aishling almost every single week! 

(This is the ONLY place to access Aishling's live teachings and channeled readings right now)

Heart Centred Sales & Transformation VIP packages

This complete package will show you how to create your first VIP Transformational package and how to enrol clients effortlessly. I share with you my secret heart centred sales process for 121 sessions, webinars and group sessions. I believe in selling to those you are sacredly contracted to work with. No sleazy sales tactics, in this training we're talking alignment and combining the spiritual with the practical for spiritual business success.

After this training you will have everything you need to begin selling high end packages as part of your overall spiritual business services.

The Abundant Heart Programme for lightworkers

This is my signature programme that helps spiritual entrepreneurs get their first package or service online. It has launched over 70 spiritual businesses in the last few years.

It includes: Getting clear on your sacred contract and who you're here to serve, creating a package or service that people will queue up to grab and also how to build a community of fans that love you and want to enrol in your courses and offers. It's GOLD DUST!

Archangels & Ascension Retreat Your Golden Ticket! 3 day online event with Aishling!

You're invited to step into this powerful and deeply healing Sacred Space with your Angels and an incredible community of beautiful souls. Get insights, experience breakthroughs and learn to truly live as a light in the world with confidence and clarity and courage knowing you have your angels by your side.

This incredible event, recorded live is available in the bonus section of your private online account. 

[Access the complete 3 day Virtual Event recordings at your own pace 24/7 from anywhere in the world.]

Spiritual Business Breakthrough

Get Clarity and a Plan To Make Your Spiritual Business A Thriving Success

Work with a mentor who can empower and guide you to create a business that supports you financially

In this programme we’ll be protected and held by your angels and guides, helping you to have accelerated transformation and development on many levels, spiritual, physical and emotional to release blocks and get you over the guilt, shame and fear and into your powerful, aligned destiny!

A to Z of Angels

A series of 26 quick video lessons probably covering all the question you’ve ever wanted to ask about Angels. Includes; How to easily connect with your Angels, Archangels, Fairies and Guardian Angels, How your angels can help you in your relationships, healing past lives, give you courage and confidence and How to heal using the power of forgiveness .

Meet your Guardian Angel Course

Did you know that you have a guardian angel and that they have been walking with you your whole life? Your GA holds your sacred contract, life purpose and plan for your life. They’re like your best friend and this simple 3 part course shows you how to connect with them on a daily basis creating a lifelong relationship that will support you in every area of your life and decision making.


This is a really special course channelling the healing energy of Archangel Metatron and Mother Mary Queen of Angels. It’s a series of 7 deeply healing meditations focusing on different areas where forgiveness work is needed including, healing past lives, earth healing, inner child healing, future you forgiveness.

PLUS All The LIVE Coaching and Community Support you Need To Build A Successful Online Business

  • 1 X monthly Spiritual Business Coaching and Q & A Worth €500
  • 1 X Monthly GID (Get it Done!) hour to support you to implement your Biz goals! PLUS Monthly LIVE Coaching calls, Ask your Angels sessions,  Heart Mastermind gatherings Worth €2000
  • 2 X VIP Workshops on specific biz topics for example: list building, creating optins, funnels and managing a launch, enrolling, marketing 101, write your first book, create your first ecourse and so much more......
    Worth  €997







We're giving you 7 days to try it out!

When you sign up for the Angels & Biz Alignment Programme you’ll get so much support and we hope like so many of our members you never want to leave!
But if for whatever reason you decide it’s not for you, you can easily cancel within 7 days. Just one email to our support team at [email protected]  and you'll get a full refund.

Please see our FAQ below for more details on our cancelation policy

What Clients Say about us...

Carmel Butler

"Back in March last year when I was trying to keep my vibe high, I came across Ashling.

I followed her for a while and everything she spoke about resonated including the way she shares with honesty, rawness, realness and vulnerability. 

 I downloaded some of her amazing free gifts when I didn’t have the finances including beautiful mediations. 

She ran some amazing hi vibe events during which I experienced some gentle transformations and gained some valuable information.

 I joined the Angel Circle and felt at home in this safe circle community. 

I've also made lovely connections and new friends, and have benefited from their services. There’s amazing support from Aisling and everyone in the group. I highly recommend it!"

Jenny Wilson Brussels

"To be a part of Aishling's Angel Circle is like finding your tribe.  It’s coming home.  And it's magic. 

The Angel Circle is such a supportive, nourishing safe place to be where true transformation happens: suddenly things make sense, messages become crystal clear and you are fully supported and encouraged to take the next step of your journey.

 Aishling provides such warmth and compassion and is the catalyst that allows you to unleash your power and live your full potential.  

I started working with Aishling several years ago now, and have gone on to publish a book, found other like-minded souls, really stepped out of my comfort zone and am a frequent flyer with the angels. 

This group is like having access to the First Class Lounge!  

Before I found Aishling, my wings were tightly curled up and I was afraid to spread them. Now, with the help of Aishling and the group, I truly can fly."

Susan, Ireland

"I joined Aishling’s group from the start. I was called to this as it felt like a great group of like-minded people to grow and share with.

I work in a busy corporate environment and wanted to make room in my life for the spiritual side.

The women in the group are so inspiring and have amazing talents and gifts.

I am not a business owner or spiritual healer but I still get so much from the group.

Aishling is a dynamic woman with enormous wisdom and guidance to offer in all aspects of life.

The support from the whole group is wonderful.

I look forward to the weekly calls or playbacks when I cannot attend live."






Orla Brady

"Last year I was lucky enough to come across Aishling Mooney's Angel Café. 

At the time I had to make some quite difficult decisions and wasn’t sure how to move forward.

I joined the Angel circle with Aishling, I just felt it was the right decision for me. 

The very minute I started I had a session in the community to discuss some of the difficult decisions that I had to make.

My first initial impression was just feeling accepted, supported there were no judgements and Aishling is so intuitive, on another level

She immediately knew the guidance I needed to start to put my life back together.

As each week passed, the meditations, conversations and laughter healed my heart.

I was given the opportunity to have a membership buddy, this for me was so important, weekly conversations supporting each other and making a friend for life.

The ladies in the group constantly encourage each other.

Day or night you can comment in the group and there will always be love and support coming right back.

For me the group is an essential service, it changed my life for the better. Thank you Aishling."

Ailbhe Galvin

"When I joined the Angel Circle Membership I was feeling lost and was looking for guidance and a teacher.

I wasn't even sure I believed in Angel's but following a guided meditation, meeting my guardian angel with Aishling, things began to change. I was welcomed into the group with open arms and received constant encouragement and guidance. No question was judged or ignored.

Aishling is hands-on and her interactions are so personal. The path I have taken with Aishling and the group has been incredible and supportive,  Particularly through a difficult time in the autumn, when I was moving through extreme grief and forgiveness.

I have incredible gratitude to Aishling and the group as a whole for this support.

The Angel Circle has shown me a path where I have gained a direction and connection with my self and more awareness of my self my life.

I have connected deeply with the Angels who I call on for guidance every day. I would recommend the group to anyone who is looking for more, more in their life or more in their work.

Anyone who wants to work with Angels and wants an incredible support system and to do something for themselves, this is for you!

Thank you Aishling, it's a gift to be able to put into words what this last year has meant to me. I send this to you with deep gratitude."

Csilla Pataki

"I’m a member of Angel Circle community since the end of November 2020.

Some years ago, when I worked in international adult learning projects, I travelled very often to the north-western coast of Spain. In two of my journeys, I photographed angels.

People around me told me that those are only light spots and they thought me more intelligent than that. So, I put aside angel related thoughts.

Last year I discovered the Angel Café and I continued popping in for inspiration into until finally deciding to join the Angel Circle.

Though I was still a bit sceptical in relation to my abilities to connect with angels, to my great surprise I was able to connect with my guardian angel within the first meditation.

Monthly and weekly angel card messages were uplifting and motivating and gave me guidance for the week ahead and I found support and inspiration in the monthly coaching sessions.

If you feel a calling or a nudge to connect with angels, but are a bit sceptical, this group and programme will be of great help to start to listen to your intuition and let yourself guided by your angels.

The group is a place where you can turn at any time when you feel blue or lost, or you are not sure what path to take.

Clear the thought of “What would others say?” out of your mind and trust your inner voice that calls you to spiritual development."





Muriel Roberts

"I joined Ashling’s group last year. My first time ever as part of an online group or zoom sessions. It gave me something to look forward to, during those lonely times of lockdown. I was very shy, quiet and preferred to remain in the background. Yet through Aishling’s support, encouragement and gentle persuasion, I have come out of my shell. Sharing my gifts of channelled poetry, writing, artwork and photography. This I hope to put out into the world instead of hiding it away.

Aishling is an amazing human being, who shares and supports all, with love and compassion from her heart.

The group is full of amazing souls. Having an Angel Buddy is a true gift and miracle in itself.

I feel honoured to have been part of it all, with thanks and gratitude. "

Joan O’Neill

"I’ve been following Aishling since 2016. A lot of things have happened in my personal life over these years and it wasn’t easy to cope sometimes.

I purchased Transform with the Angels in 2017 and dipped in and out. I always enjoyed the meditations and always found Aishling to be genuine and caring towards her followers. My Mam sadly passed on 31st December 2020 and I was devastated. I turned inward as I tend to do. Money was a bit tight but I in a split second I just decided to do it and I haven’t looked back. I feel really supported and safe in this group.

I am becoming stronger, happier and calmer in myself and I look forward to the sessions every week. If you are open to Angels and would like to join a group with genuinely good kind people..this is the place for you. I thank all the group for making this such a special place….all the Wonderful speakers and most especially Aishling.

Emer Reilly

"I joined the Angel Circle at a time of feeling very down in myself and tired. I felt very alone with lockdown and all that was going on in the world.

Now I feel focused. I know the angels are working there by my side.

They have been always there but didn't use them. Some days things are happening to me where I say that was the angels working.

I am meeting people who are in that way of thinking. I would recommend the angel circle as there are many different people all with many gifts.

I would also say that it’s for people with or without a spiritual business. We all need angel healing today more then ever, especially in the World today. Xx "






Christina Kelly

"I’m a master in Integrated energy therapy and love working with the angels.  Over the years they brought me comfort in the normal ups and downs of life.
I watched a master class with Aishling on Facebook and everything she said resonated with me.

She has such a wealth of knowledge that she effortlessly explains to you and she makes you feel important and that you belong.
Joining The Angel Circle was the best investment in myself I have ever made.

I’ve met like-minded people who have your back and there’s no judgment. I have learned so much about the angels and continue to gain confidence in myself and my abilities in all areas of my life. I would highly recommend that you join our expanding community and enjoy the crack and laughter as we all learn to be better people. Aishling is a brilliant mentor.

Triona Kilmartin

I really enjoy being part of Aishling’s angel circle. It's a wonderful group of like-minded powerful women who share their stories as individuals and lightworkers.

We are all on our own journey and Aishling’s group provides support during the ups and downs so you don’t feel alone.

There is so much content available that you can tap into at any time this and having an angel buddy has been wonderful.

I recommend being part of the angel circle for its wonderful content and support and Aishling has great insight and intuition and is a mind full of information.

Patricia Leydon

"Before I joined Aishling’s Angel Circle my mood was definitely low. With lockdown and lack of an end of covid I was just so fed up with it all. I saw Aishling in the Angel cafe and decided to join for more connection with Angels.

Aishling’s honest, funny, straight-up personality is one I was drawn to.

I’ve been in the group about 6 months now and thoroughly enjoy dipping in & out when it suits me.

The replays are great if I miss the live cards or chats. The energy of the community is so supportive and being with like-minded people is just what I needed in a safe private group.

I highly recommend joining.  The content is great, everything is online so you can look at the whole membership and choose which one you want to do. "Invest in yourself " is money always well spent."

Maria Veiga

"I came across Aishling’s Angel Cafe last year, and truly enjoyed the event listening to so many amazing souls, sharing their gifts and experiences.

When she opened the Angel Circle Membership I joined for the year! I thought the idea of building my understanding deeper of the Archangels sounded interesting… but of course I got more then that!

5 months on, I have learned so much! Not just about Archangels, but business, and all sorts of other things. This is a Tribe of women and friends supporting each other.

I would totally recommend the Angel Membership! The amount you get back is well over anything you can imagine!

Aishling is a very gifted and knowledgeable lady, with a great sense of humour and ease that makes us all feel like friends and part of a family. "

Maureen O’Callaghan

"I joined the angel membership earlier this year & I am just loving the energy & simply having a safe place to come. I am not a spiritual healer per se so I really was not sure it was for me but I really should not have worried.

I am opening up every day & I finally know that I am here to help women heal their broken hearts. I have a couple of your meditations in the Angel Circle Library, that are my go-to for calming & spirituality that I just adore.

I dip in & out of the course depending on time & I love the flexibility that we have.

Again, the angel buddies pushed me way out of my comfort zone but I have made a best friend who resonates so much with me. I am sure we are sisters from another mister. Thanks a mill.

Christina O’Riordan

"I’ve really enjoyed the weekly angel calls that Aishling shares in the Angel Circle.

I’ve gotten so many golden nuggets that have been valuable for growing my spiritual business. I actually joined as I was looking for business support with like-minded people doing similar therapies to me.

I love being part of this positive community and have made so many connections and friends within the group giving me support personally and within my business.

I would recommend the angel circle to anyone that’s looking for guidance and support and who wants to make positive changes in their life.

Thank you Aishling for making this space for all these people to come together to make lifelong connections."

Claire Byrne

"Being part of this angel circle has allowed me to be seen and heard. There is great support from fabulous ladies and Aishing is just a ticket, down to earth, honest and it is such a safe place to reach out, connect and be free. Great laughs and lots of support.

The meditations are priceless and have allowed me the space to find myself and be clear on my wants. I even got the opportunity to do my first livestream.

I would highly recommend the angel circle."