Archangel Messages for a New Earth

Oracle Cards

44 powerful messages of guidance and support from your Archangels, for Lightworkers, Healers, Teachers and Coaches of this new earth.

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Oracle cards published  22nd February 2022

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A deeply healing transformational journey in self-discovery, Alchemy, and Mastery for Lightworkers, Modern Mystics and anyone wishing to connect and work with Archangels.


Imagine a world where angels exist, walking beside you, offering guidance and support in every area of your life, relationships and finance.  It's already here! This oracle is the key and includes deeply powerful wisdom and healing connection with sixteen Archangels and their transformational energies.

Take a deep dive into your sacred contract, heal your mind, and transform every area of your life and biz! 

Use the cards to give accurate readings for yourself, your loved ones, and clients. Whether you're a complete beginner or a pro, working with archangels can bring more magic and miracles into your life than you ever dreamed possible. 

Archangel Messages For a New Earth 

Oracle Cards

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Take a peek at these beautiful cards we've lovingly created for you!
Stunning Artwork by Chinkal Pareek Visual Artist 

Archangel Gabriel

LET YOURSELF BE SEEN! Healers, Lightworkers & Earth Angels it's time to share your gifts with the world.

Archangel Chamuel

Use your powerful heart and imagination to dream of a world of joy and love. 

Archangel Metatron
BE YOUR OWN GURU! Strengthen and follow your own intuition. Trust yourself and be the leader and spiritual teacher the world needs right now.

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About The Author

Aishling Mooney 

Angel Intuitive and Spiritual Business Mentor supporting thousands of Lightworkers around the world. She's also a spiritual entrepreneur, philanthropist and spiritual activist with a vision to enable healers to share their knowledge and healing gifts with the world in a way that's sustainable and profitable.

Lightworkers, Healers and Modern Mystics take your place at the table of leadership, business and wealth creation and be a powerful voice for this new Earth! 

Allow the angelic realms to transform every area of your life and biz. Learn to reconnect with your own soul purpose and mission, gain courage and confidence and create beautiful healthy boundaries and a life you absolutely love.


“Working with Aishling allowed me to become very clear about who I am here to serve. Before I started I was minimizing the value of my work. I now see my worth and have the confidence to ask for a fair exchange for my healing gifts. It has shown me the importance of stepping into my power, becoming visible, authentic and transparent.

If you want the fast track to growth and to take your work to the next level, I strongly recommend working with Aishling.”

– Catherine Walsh

"I knew I was getting in my own way and creating a sh*t storm in my life, but driving myself mad. I wasn't able to shift the beliefs that were creating it. I desperately needed someone to help me to rise above it and break free once and for all.

Aishling combines a direct practicality with a magical quality which easily helped me to heal and move on to create a life free of what was holding me back."

- Lisa Pearson-

“Before the session, I felt like I was chasing ideas from ‘mind’. You brought me back to ‘heart’ where I reconnected with my true passion, what I feel I’m essentially here to give the world. You kept patiently asking me questions to go deeper and gave me the space to explore.

Afterwards I stayed in that space and allowed words to pour itself onto paper. What we discovered feels like a calm seed germinating in its own tempo. Out of nowhere two clients actually got referred to me!

– Erika Verhoeven

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Archangel Messages for a New Earth
Oracle Cards

44 powerful messages of guidance and support from your Archangels, for Lightworkers, Healers, Teachers and Coaches of this new earth.

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