Full list of my resources, education materials, podcasts, books and blogs to support us to learn more about racism

So I’ve wanted to gather my personal resources including books and videos that I’ve used to expand my own mind on this topic.  Scroll down for a full list of my resources.

My journey began in 2020 with the death of George Floyd. Below is the post I put on Facebook post on racism, I also emailed this to my community.

Posted on Facebook | 5th June 2020


I can't quite explain the heaviness in my heart this past week.

Last night I couldn't sleep, I kept thinking 'What would that feel like to have someone put their foot on my throat and keep it there, no matter what anyone else said or did.  To keep it there until I died?'

How can this be a reality that I haven't recognised or truly seen with my own eyes? 

This week I've realized I've been literally walking around with blinkers on and although I say I'm not racist, I know now that I've been benefitting from systemic racism in every area of my life.

This morning I sat down with my son Noah (12) to talk to him about this and was surprised to hear he already knew.  A YouTuber he follows Markiplier had already spoken so beautifully about this issue and we watched the video together.

We also spoke about what we could do and he asked me questions starting with why and many of them I just didn't know how to answer. 

I'm committing to educating myself and taking whatever steps I can in my own life.

I'm open to suggestions of courses, books, videos, information, groups or steps that I can take to educate myself and my family. 

Please post your comments below and maybe this thread can be a starting point of resources for anyone in this community, who wants to participate in this wave of change happening in the world right now.

I don't mean to offend anyone in any way by what I've written, I'm just a white woman trying to understand and educate myself so I can be part of the change. 

Any offensive or argumentative comments will be deleted. Let's support each other and start this conversation with open hearts and minds.

Sending love to the family of George Floyd and to all of the families that have lost a loved one due to racial violence and discrimination anywhere in the world today.

Love and respect from my family to yours
Aishling xxxx


Some steps I'm taking in my business include: 

  1. Ensuring that the next Angel Cafe I host includes speakers from diverse cultures and races. Traditionally it's predominantly white women and I'm honestly embarrassed to say that I've never noticed until now. I am right now actively seeking spiritual teachers, healers and coaches that would like to participate in the next angel cafe.
  2. Today I contacted my designer, (we're working on a new deck of angel oracle cards). 

I wrote: In light of current global circumstances...... in my angel deck I would like a diversity of races and representations of different genders, people, ages and races across the world.

Traditionally angels are portrayed as beings with white skin colour.  I'd like to challenge that perception and for this deck to be something anyone can relate to and use.

I know it's a small start, I'll let you know what else I'm doing and I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions below <3


Full list of my resources, education materials, podcasts, books and blogs to support us to learn more:




Documentaries and films

The Red Table Talks with Jada Pinkett Smith many shows on different aspects of racism
Get Out
12 Years a Slave


Instagram accounts to follow












Seeing White Incredible series to listen to. www.sceneonradio.org/seeing-white/?fbclid=IwAR0wCwFdyARqqwjsvIA5SpPCyUos755i4e8j_mSci-ja7CA1tru6TPbdDp8 



Robin DiAngelo talks about white fragility

My Grandmother's Hands by this amazing man

Markiplier video Youtuber

Inga Deksne and Gayle Edwards, A conversation between a black friend and white friend

Jane Elliot has been doing some fantastic work for over 30 years challenging racism and white privilege: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nqv9k3jbtYU 

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Dr. Joy DeGruy

James Corden It's time to change

Muhammad Ali ‘Why is everything white?’

Layla Saad talks about her book Me and White Supremacy



Check out Netflix! They have created a whole range of movies and series to address racism



106 things white people can do for racial justice

One for coaches

Chloe Saffron Gibson

Talking to your kids about racism

Bible images of black people

Note:  Jesus is described in the bible as having hair like wool and copper feet


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